System and Computational Biology @ Busse Lab

Form and Function in Developmental Biology

The images show three mathematical characterizations of the development of an early C.elegans embryo.

Video animation of developing embroy (C. elegans) 
Developing cell contacts in 3D (video)
Normalized incidence of cell contacts (video)
4D Matrix Representations ( Spring embedding of 4D representation vrmrl 3D scene , Spacetime )

statement -Mission Vision and  Approach

Toward a Design of Premorphogenetic Units of Cells - Exemplified on the nematode C. elegans @ FASEB Experimental Biology 2004;

cutting edge- Perspectives in System Biology (video) @ CSBi MIT Symposium, Dev-Bio, Comput-geom, Combinatory algebra,  Engin&Vis. Soft-Matter-Physics
events-FASEB; CSHL; DGZ;
regular projects-form and function in developmental biology, neurology
special projects-
(intern only) ludo justus, CapCam, Corp-Contracts, Open Jobs
DOWNLOADS- MULTIPLE choice test examinizer, publications
application-design of efficient socio-economic structures
resources-(intern only) the corporation,
about -

members , mirrors , Lab-facts & this -site , weather forecasts
developing and deploying technologies

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